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Choose Hope Over Dispair

1. “When it feels like nothing is going your way, when it seems that your path is being blocked your-path-of-lightby outside forces, at work, in your relationships or even with everyday problems. What is your typical reaction? Do you move towards feelings of “Uhh, why me?? Or do you pause and think about: What is my life trying to tell me right now? How you respond to the difficult things that happen to you, can mean the difference between a life of anger or joy, between despair and hope.

Eckhart Tolle says “Life is an adventure; it is not a package tour. If you are dissatisfied in the unsettled state, you can’t hear the guiding messages.”

Many people are feeling a sense of disruption and discord in our world today. And I know many of you are experiencing unease. You may feel on edge or you may even feel your sense of hope is faltering. Try to change your perspective of the situation. Move away from feeling overwhelmed to feeling a sense of strength and hope. Make hope your power source. Because hope is always available. Anything can be a miracle, blessing, and opportunity if you choose to see it that way.

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