So many of us just pass through the life without noticing how much we have, how blessed and lucky we all are. Did you know that 153,000 of people do not wake up in the morning? They are gone, that is it. Nothing can be changed or done about it. But you are alive. You can breathe, you can see, walk, feel and so many other things. Don’t you see how fortunate you are?  Find something to be positive and grateful about. Start your day with gratitude. See, it is not happiness that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us happy.

1. ” Do not take a single moment of your life for granted. At this very moment, somebody is taking their last breath and would give anything for a few more moments on this earth.

You have so many blessings. Think about them right now. Feel how blessed you are. Acknowledge how blessed you are. Shout it out. “I am blessed, I am blessed! Thank you for all my blessings.”


Trust that everything will work out for you. Maybe not exactly as you planned but perfect for the evolution of your soul. Trust that whatever you have been asking for is on its way. It will come in the perfect time, whenever you are ready to receive it. Stress and worry will not bring it in any faster. Positivity and making a decision to feel good regardless whether it is here or not. That is what will make everything better.

Just decide to feel as though you already have it. Feel how you would feel if you needed nothing else on earth. That’s what we are all seeking. The feeling that we have it all. And we do. It is all inside. And that is a true success. Needing nothing yet having everything.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want at the exact moment you ask for it. Not because you don’t deserve it. But because you deserve more. Because you deserve the journey. Because you deserve the growth. Trust that everything will work out for you. Maybe not exactly as you planned but in perfect time and exactly how you need at this stage of your life. Never give up on what you want in life. Every tough moment will pass and everything will come good if you keep going. Don’t give up. Have faith. Believe everything will come good. Speak abundance into your life, “I believe everything I want is coming to me. I know I deserve abundance. I am ready for it all. I know this moment will pass. I will grow from this experience. I decide to feel good now. No matter what”. If you have faith, if you only trust, it will happen, it will come. “

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. – Matthew 7:7

  1. Spoken by fearless soul


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